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Contact Nick at (337) 344-5375 for information about working on the Cessna 150 project.  The 150 is now being worked on at Dick Spears hanger at the seaway in New Iberia.

The fuselage that Mike and Darrell drove to Texas to get is providing many, many parts for the project worth several times what we paid for fuselage.  Thanks to Darrell Mandella and Mike Meaux for the marathon day they spent getting the fuselage.

Wings, tanks, ailerons, flaps are all now at the school awaiting assembly.  Have begun work on wiring

Some avionics are lined up. Avionics Solutions at KLFT has offered to to the avionics and wiring .

New main wheels and brakes have been installed and plane is sitting on mains (with some old tires at this time).   New plastic tips for tail surfaces fitted, drilled, sanded in preparation for paint and installed.   We have 2 sets of seats and will be using the better parts to make one good set.  Beginning cleanup/repair of firewall.  Horizontal stabilizer, elevator, vertical stabilizer, and rudder are installed.  All new control cables installed.  Rear window has been installed.

Seats have been fitted with new seat rails.  Christopher is rebuilding the firewall.  Engine mount has been cleaned up and painted.  Front landing gear assembly has been rebuilt with new seals and hardware and installed on engine mount.

An engine and propeller have been purchased.  Thanks to Mike Meaux for the loooooong trip to Shreveport to get them.

Coming projects include avionics procurement and installation, installing firewall with insulation, installing engine mount with nosewheel, installing engine and controls/sensors, finishing window installation, interior panels, fitting wings with struts, replacing main gear tires, procuring cowling, preparing for paint and painting, and other things.

Engine now mounted on airframe.

Please call Christopher if you have anything to donate to the project.



"Aero Club"

Christopher Haley and others have been researching how to form a viable aero club.  The plans are for this aero club to own the Cessna 150 plane.  The aero club  must and will be a separate entity from EAA 1490. Contact Chris for information.  




New Officers

Congratulations to our new officers:  President Chris Wotipka.   Vice-president Paul McCasland.

Secretary Joyce Harrison. And thanks to Mike Meaux for continuing as Treasurer.

And a BIG thank you to all officers who have served the chapter and especially Robert and Debbie who were responsible for starting chapter 1490



Contact Bob Beach to put items on calendar. 852-1995,

Information about local fly-in events needed!


January 2019

EAA meeting to be on Thursday Jan 10th at 6:00 PM at Sicily's Ultimate Italian Buffet in Broussard.

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